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Sunday morning is Bath time

On Sunday morning I decided I should get out, go somewhere, anywhere, and take photos, watch people, have a drive long enough to listen to at least a couple of CDs (in this case, A Town Called Addis by Dub Colossus, The Ting Tings and Common Dread by Enter Shikari), get some fresh air and perhaps fit in a little shopping. Of course, there are lots of places you can do all of those things and for me that suggests one place above all others, Bath.

I arrived a little before the shops were opening and the centre of the city was beginning to fill with tourists, visitors and locals. As always, first of all I wandered up towards the Royal Crescent so that I could then walk through The Circus, down Gay Street to Queens Square, through Quiet Street to Milsom Street and the throng that usually gathers there. It's a nice walk, taking in some stunning architecture and it always gives me a real feeling that I have arrived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Heading towards The Circus, where it was very obvious I wasn't the only one with that particular idea.

I always find the houses in The Circus so impressive. The beautiful Cotswold stone, warm coloured and miraculously worked,
which most of the old and central buildings are made from, gives the whole thing a feeling of absolute permanence. 
There was this wonderful exhibition all over the centre of the city, of aerial photos showing man's impact on the world around
us. Really impressive, fascinating and thought-provoking.
Sculptures in the square beside the abbey and a world map, half the size of a tennis court,

The inside of the Roman Baths from the outside.


Bath is great for buskers, who actually have to audition to get a licence.

The bare-faced cheek of it!

Not quite sure what this sculpture was all about, but I liked it.

A tour party huddled around their guide.

Not a sight you see every day, someone wheeling a two-metre tall unicycle through the streets.

Choristers getting ready to make their entrance at the Sunday morning service in the abbey.

And finally, a dude with a didg.


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