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The Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza 2009

Last Sunday evening I had my annual dose of classical culture. I went to the Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza. It is held every year in the wonderful setting of the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. It's great because the people who go do so in a very British way; they take tables and chairs, food and drink and turn it into an enormous picnic with thousands of people taking part all at the same time.

In the past I've seen artists like Jools Holland, Van Morrison, Corinne Bailey-Rae and others there. Apart from the rock and pop acts, there is also an evening each year set aside for Classical music. This evening usually features the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and this year was no exception. A couple of years ago they did a, kind of, Tchaikovsky's Greatest Hits. This year it was just a general programme of popular classics, ending with a firework display.

To get things rolling the evening started with one of the best string quartets in the world, the Corelli Quartet. They were still rehearsing when I got there so I managed to get a few informal photos.

One surprise was that I was not alone in my cultural experience. There was a very famous face in the crowd: one that I would really have never expected. Of course, I took photos, so see if you recognise the unexpected punter. Even though you, my dear readers, are from all over the world, I'm sure you will have no problem identifying him in his green jacket. 

The Corellis getting their mics sorted out, with lovely, smug look from the second violinist.

As a music person, I love the sound of the cello.

Corelli violinist during the performance

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra music stands, clothes pegs optional.

Guess who!

Guess who 2!



I thought this double bass lady was really cool.

Soprano Jo Appleby


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