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A brief apology and some more cricket photos

I don't seem to be able to get much time here these days, hence the reason I'm posting at just after six in the morning. There are a few reasons, all work related. As I've said before, I'm really busy with the next stages of the web project I'm working on these days. But also, I have been moved within the office. I used to have a nice corner all to myself where I could, more or less, get on with whatever I wanted. Now I've been moved to a place where I have a whole financial department sitting behind me, able to see pretty much whatever I have on my screen. It's not that I'm necessarily doing anything wrong, but I don't know how keeping up with your blog is seen as an essential part of your work day by the powers that be. I will do my best and hopefully find a new rhythm that I can work to, but just for the moment I'd better be extra careful and sensible.

Anyway, following on from my entry about the women's cricket world cup, here are some photos from the next day. As before, I won't go into the ins and outs (excuse the pun) of cricket; please just enjoy the photos and let me know what you think.

Lisa Sthalekar and Ellyse Perry of Australia, at practice.

Elyse Villani having fun.

Perry practicing her pick up and throw technique. Ellyse Perry is quite an incredible athlete and pretty much the young darling of Australian sport. Not only does she represent her country at cricket, she's also a member of The Matildas, Australia's women's football team.

Sarah Andrews.


The Australian innings gets underway

A great shot and also, from the photography point of view, a shot I'm quite proud of too.

Australia's captain, Karen Rolton

South African bowler Shabnim Ismail



Out again. If you can't see it, look closely and you will see that the ball has bounced back off the stumps and the red bails are both in the air. Proud of that one too.

Dane van Niekerk bowling against Australia

A matter for the umpire to decide


Australian huddle

Kirsten Pike



England bowler Katherine Brunt. In the next photo you will see that she'd picked up a real 'shiner' practicing a couple of days before.


England opener and wicketkeeper, Sarah Taylor.


Laura Marsh

Isa Guha preparing to go out to bat.



The England players celebrate victory over Pakistan.

Just for the record I ought to point out that both England and New Zealand reached the final, which was played at Lord's Cricket Ground (the home of the sport) in London. England totally outplayed New Zealand to win the world cup. I was staying fairly neutral, unable to decide who I wanted to win.


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