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New Zealand versus South Africa

I've taken a couple of well-needed days off work. There's a world class sporting event going on in my home town and I felt I should support it and go along and enjoy it.

I realise that there are a lot of people who read this LiveJournal for whom this is totally meaningless, after all, we can't all be fortunate enough to live in a cricket playing country. But for those of you who are interested, the sporting event is the Women's twenty-20 cricket world cup 2009. It's running alongside the men's competition but all the group matches are taking place at Taunton.  

Yesterday I went along and saw New Zealand playing against South Africa; there are no prizes for guessing who I was supporting.  Of course, I also took photos. It was a great new experience for me, never having photographed sport before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I got there early to see the teams warming up and, from a photographic point of view, that was almost as interesting as the match itself.

So, let's get started; there are lots of photos for you to see.

The South African team during their warm-up.

Nicola Browne having a bit of a stretch

Nice to see that flag flying over the pavillion at Taunton

The White Ferns (as the New Zealand team is known) having a run around.

Dane van Niekerk of South Africa, at sixteen, a very promising player. And it looks like her captain is bowing down in homage!

Dane practising her leg spin bowling

The New Zealand sport of synchronised leg stretching.

New Zealand bowler Sian Ruck.

Sophie Devine


Standing for the National Anthems

The South African team making their way to the dug-out, led by the delightfully named Cri-Zelda Brits.

South Africa get under way

A great shot from Brits

All-rounder Lucy Doolan

Sian Ruck fielding on the boundary

Suzie Bates during a spot of rain. Not only does she represent New Zealand at cricket, she was at last year's Olympic Games playing basketball for her country.

The New Zealand openers taking the field to chase down South Africa's score of 124.

New Zealand captain, Aimee Watkins.


Four from Bates

I was very impressed with this South African bowler, Shabnim Ismail.

Amy Satterthwaite waiting to bat.



A great shot from Watkins

A Nicola Browne drive


South African captain, Sunette Loubser celebrating the wicket of Watkins.


Watkins looking less nervous as her team cruises to victory.

And the final shot, after the winning runs have been scored, the New Zealand batsmen congratulate each other.

It was great to go along and support the White Ferns, though sadly there weren't too many people around. I'm back there today as well, this time for two matches, Australia versus South Africa and England against Pakistan. Should be a good day.

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