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I have had my Live Journal up and running now for a little over two months. In that time I have gone from simply posting thoughts and opinions to uploading images from my travels and home patch. I feel that I have grown as a Livejournaller. The single biggest step, for me, came when I decided that I would invest in a paid account to assist me, principally, with posting images. The reponse to those images has been delightful and, sometimes, overwhelming. 

I have a growing group of people to thank for giving me that feeling of great well-being. My LJ friends. I would like to write a little about each of them (an idea I fully admit to having stolen from one of them) and thank them for being who they are and where they are and for being an enormously important part of my LJ experience. 

It was ilmera who actually encouraged me to set up my LJ in the first place. We have known each other for a long time and delight in the friendship we have for each other. I don't know what I would do without her, except that my life would be much less interesting and a little bereft. She is probably the most intelligent person on the planet (though she, herself, admits that a little more wisdom might be useful) and is warm, caring, beautiful and just about perfect. 

The next friend I gathered was albina_ She is a real-life and LJ friend of  ilmera and I was really touched that she came along and invited me to share the LJ experience. Her journal is very interesting to read, using , and she seems happy to lay her problems and her successes out for all to see. I love the personal photographs that she posts.

I have a favourite cousin and I didn't even know that she had a Live Journal until I was chatting to her one day. fujiirohanais an intermittant feature of my LJ because she has perpetual cookie issues, but it felt really good to have someone around whom I have actually hugged! I wish she would update and comment more.

During my travels around New Zealand I stayed in many great and interesting places and one of those was Hokitika. Hoki is where roselet lives. I was looking through my interests list one day and she just seemed to keep popping up with similar tastes, so I thought I would just have to get in touch. I was delighted that she was prepared to have me as a friend. roselet is amazing. She does so many things extremely well. She is a very gifted writer and her style is phenomenal. She seems to be arty through and through, is very funny, has a Kiwi-down-to-earthness that sometimes sends warm shivers down my spine and, to top it all, she is also a very attractive young lady. I predict that she will go far and show the world her true class, because she is just great. 

tbncirce lives in Austin, Texas and is a scientist. I enjoy reading her journal because of its quirkiness. She has a great photographic eye and captures very different images to my own. This means that, even from a great distance, I am learning from this great lady. There is also a slight chance that she might become my fitness guru too. (Though that might be too big a job even for her.)

In the meantime I had been joining a few communities and after I posted a section of my writing in travel_writing I was delighted that ironicpseudonym commented. He is from Auckland and it is very obvious that we share a common love of his homeland and all things Kiwi. He also appears to have great taste in music. (He is the one who I stole the idea of welcoming my friends from - I hope he doesn't mind.) I admire his enthusiasm and enjoy his writing, which he does extremely well. 

Meanwhile, back in Russia, along came due_angel she is a friend of albina_ and has a great sense of fun. Her photographs are brilliant and she has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. Thank you for adding me to your friends list, I am enjoying your journal very much.
On the back of my posting in the travel community I was friended by ozrose who is soon to be embarking on a year's travels in Australia. I am so looking forward to reading her journal and learning about her adventures as that year unfolds. She is, so far, apart from Hannah, the only LJ friend I have who is from my own country. She strikes me as being level-headed and very open to the experiences she is going to be enjoying soon in Oz. I know she will have a brilliant time and will get so much out of her journey. She will do it well and come home (if she does decide to leave Oz at the end of it) having gained so much. I admire her spirit and am very jealous of what she is about to embark on. Thanks for the kind things you have said about my LJ.

I am very honoured to have been allowed into the LJ of couldtry She is an Australian journalist currently living in Hong Kong. The photographs she has posted in her journal are wonderful (and she has also said some very nice things about mine, I don't remember having the word 'luscious' used in connection with anything I have ever done before) and I am enjoying dipping into her LJ. Of particular interest have been her images and writings on Japan and Turkey. I look forward to many more insightful words and beautiful images. 

Most recently I have a new friend in typical_tracy She is another friend of ilmera and has been kind enough to allow me to be her LJ friend. I was very impressed that she knew who I was and seemed very enthusiastic about my commenting in her journal. I can see us being good LJ friends for a long time to come. I have taken great pleasure from the images of herself that she has posted in her LJ and she just strikes me as being another very interesting Russian.

So, those are my LJ friends to date. I would like to thank you all for putting up with me and for being open to the idea of having me around. I really am very grateful. Because of you, I am enjoying the LJ experience enormously and getting a great deal out of it.  Thanks so very much. 


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