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And on to Avebury

After Lacock Abbey we moved on to Avebury. I decided that I wouldn't take the usual 'Here's a stone standing in a field' kind of photos there. I'd done that so many times before. I would look for slightly different things.

So, to start with, even though the day had suddenly realised that it was a Bank Holiday and would, therefore, cloud over and threaten rain, I thought this was an interesting reminder of how we British will fool ourselves into thinking it's a nice day, even if it isn't. If all else fails, put up an umbrella and have an ice cream!

On a hill in the distance I spotted that someone had laid out a crop circle in a field of rape. Unfortunately, the best view is from above - a view I wasn't privileged enough to be able to get. Unlike a lot of people, I see no mystery whatever to crop circles,. There is no external force involved, no spooky or extra-terrestrial beings trying to communicate, it's quite simply a few people going out and creating something really rather good in a field when no-one else is looking. Some of them are incredible works of art.

People walking the path along the top of the bank on the north-east section.


Just to prove that, although I wasn't taking photos of them, the stones were still there. Ooops, I just took a photo of them!

A contrast in colours, the yellow adding a stripe of glamour to the otherwise dull landscape on a dull afternoon.

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