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My friends, Gerrit and Jos, came to stay last Friday evening. As always, it was brilliant to see them again. Saturday was a lazy, local day where we didn't do much and went out to Zizzi's Italian restaurant in Taunton in the evening.

On Sunday we went up the M5 into Gloucestershire to visit the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust visitor centre at Slimbridge. I had been there a couple of times before but that was a long time ago and it is much bigger and very swish these days. It's a good day out, with lots to see and photo opportunities by the score. In fact, strictly between you and me, I took 588 photos there!

So, without more ado, on to the piccies. I should just say that, while I'm a real fan of wildlife and like to know what I'm looking at, there were so many different species of wetland birds there, ducks, geese, swans and more, that I sort of lost track of what I was taking photos of. I couldn't name many of them now, so won't even try.

But, here is some Friday cuteness.
Up close, this moorhen reminded me a little of a pukeko, no great surprise because I think they are from the same family.

A very determined-looking duck.


Making a splash


One leg, two heads

Bottoms up!


I'd never looked closely at a coot's feet before, and was really intrigued by them.




A bit of a kerfuffle in flamingoland.


A cute baby goose

I couldn't tell whether this swan was wearing goggles or not!


I was delighted to see another of my favourite New Zealand birds there, a pair of Paradise Shelducks, (female with the white head and male with the black.) Even though they were having a snooze.



Cutest photo of the day.

Feeding the baby ducks.

A very serious looking gosling.



I loved the reflections made by these two flamingoes.

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