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Glastonbury Abbey on a spring day

First of all, I promise I'll get round to replying to all your kind comments for yesterday's post. But I wanted to post this before I head home after a busy day at work.

On Sunday I wanted to take photos and when ever that happens I somehow seem to end up at Glastonbury. The Abbey is always good for a few new ideas so that's where I found myself heading.

These are the photos I took there.


I've developed a bit of a thing about benches, perhaps it's my sub-conscious telling me I should sit down more.



Artist at work


The first bluebells of the year

It's a great place to go, just to relax and take in the splendour of everything around you.


I loved this little scene, so much that I ended up zooming in a bit closer. I think it's splendid.

I think I ended up by capturing a beautiful moment in a beautiful place.


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