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On my day off, last Friday, I decided that I would visit a place I hadn't been to since I was a child. As a family we used to spend a lot of time, or so it seemed, in Cornwall. This was before the motorways and link roads and it used to take hours to get there. Now, a couple of hours after leaving home, I was parking my car in the small North Cornish village of Tintagel. It had been quite a foggy drive down out of Somerset, through Devon and into Cornwall, and it was only after I passed the town of Launceston that things cleared enough for the sun to peek through.

As I began to walk from the village to the ruined medieval castle, the reason for my visit, it was glorious sunshine. Then I turned a corner in the path and there was a wall of thick sea mist in front of me. When I got to the ticket office everything was totally engulfed. I began to wonder if I would actually see anything at all. I could hear the sea and, even though I was standing right beside it I couldn't see a thing.

The castle comes in two halves. Part of it is on the mainland and the other part is on a small island joined by a little bridge. The island has high, sheer cliffs and the steps leading up to the castle are steep and plentiful.

As is so aften the case, the castle ruins seemed much, much smaller to me than I remembered them being when I was a child. I suppose it's because I'm bigger.


Because of the thick blanket of sea mist as I was walking around the island, I was reduced to taking photos of the small things I could see rather than the landscape I most definitely couldn't.




I decided to just sit on a rock, dangling my legs over one of the sheer drops waiting for a breeze to get up or for the sun to burn off the mist. After about twenty minutes of me believing I was in total solitude I felt a cool gust of wind on my face and it was suddenly as if someone had lifted a curtain. I could see the waves a long way below and the headlands leading west. It suddenly felt like I didn't have the island to myself anymore, as I could hear and see other people.




This is the castle as it is on the island. There are the ruins of lots of other buildings as well, but this is the star.

And this is the castle as it is on the mainland, easily defended from any seaward attack, the high cliffs and stormy seas would have made that impossible.


This is the ruin of the chapel on the island. I think it was better when I couldn't see that enormous hotel on the next headland.






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