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Forde Abbey

Last Friday I had the day off, so decided to visit some gardens about an hour's drive from home. Forde Abbey is just inside the county of Dorset. I got there just as it opened. At this time of year you can only get access to the gardens, which suited me fine. I was really lucky with the weather and it was a gorgeous early spring morning as I found my way through the lanes and backroads to the car park behind the Abbey buildings. The name suggests somewhere occupied by monks, but in fact it has been a family home for several centuries. As I walked around the gardens taking photos it felt really strange. I was actually taking photos in glorious sunshine, something I hadn't done for, seemingly, a very long time. The lawns were carpetted with crocuses and wild daffodils and the trees and other plants were just beginning to burst out into bud. In all, it was just about the perfect setting on the perfect day to be taking spring photos. I hope you agree.

The kitchen gardens were fairly bare, as nothing much had been planted yet.

The lawns, neatly sprinkled with crocuses and daffodils.

Part of the house.


If ever there was a spring scene, I believe this is it.


Wild daffodils are much smaller and more delicate than the cultivated ones. They really say 'spring' to me.




I loved the ducks sitting at the foot of this sculpture in the pond.

That little ditch behind the statues is known as a ha-ha. It is designed to make a break in park land, by keeping stock in a particular area but not breaking up the overall view with a barrier. I will leave it to your imagination as to why it might be called a ha-ha.

Magnolia coming out into flower.


I'm posting this, not just because I really like it as an image, but also because I have a new friend here on LJ called sarahdownundah  who is a great writer, brilliant photographer specialising in horses, and making me very jealous at the moment by being in New Zealand and recording her adventures in a truly wonderful way.


I loved that 'hazy distance' that sunny mornings at this time of year can give you.

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