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Cahir and Cashel

It's very appropriate that I'm posting some photos of Ireland on Saint Patrick's Day. Happy Paddy's Day everyone!

On the Monday I went in a different direction, this time inland to the north-east. I first stopped at the small village of Cahir (pronounced Care)  where there is a rather fine small castle with an interesting history. I'm a big fan of rebellion in history and this area certainly knows all about that. It culminated in Cromwell threatening to bombard this particular castle during the Civil War. I'm so glad that he wrote a very polite letter to the occupants asking them kindly to surrender rather than just going ahead and flattening it. It's a lovely place.






After I had visited the castle I decided to take the short drive round to the Swiss Cottage, built by the castle's owners as an alternative place to live. It is not Swiss! In fact, it was not even open. It was a bit frustrating for me to go there only to find that it doesn't open until Easter. My frustration was only momentary. However, there was a young German woman there with a huge backpack and another rucksack who had walked all the way only to find it closed. Her frustration came out as an exasperated squeal. I offered her a lift back to the village, which she eagerly accepted. On the way she said that she was actually heading for the Mitchelstown Caves. I had a pretty good idea where they were because I had passed a sign for them a few kilometres back down the road, so I offered to take her there. When we arrived there was no-one else there. I told her that I felt bad about leaving her there, almost in the middle of nowhere, but she said it was fine and that she would find a way of getting to the next place on her list. I thought back to my own times backpacking in New Zealand and I knew that she was right, that something would come along and she would be okay, but I still felt guilty. She seemed to be really enjoying her time in Ireland.

From there it was back on the N8 up to Cashel, with its leaden skies and the snowcovered Galtee mountains in the distance.










Next time, Tuesday morning in Kinsale.

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