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I seem to say this a lot, but this time it was never more true - today is a very special day.

Today is the second birthday of one of my very favourite people in the whole world. Today is Alice's birthday and I am delighted to be able to celebrate and mark it here.

Together with her beautiful, brilliant and wonderful mother, Alice lives in Saint Petersburg. The highlight of my 2008 was when I met them and spent time with them in September. Alice was gorgeous and seemed very happy to know me.

I just want to wish you a great birthday, my dear little friend, and to wish your mother all the great things the world can offer. There will be a package on its way to you in the next few days with gifts for you and also for Ilmera.

Here are some photos I have posted here before, but merit posting again on this special day. I'm delighted to be able to post photos of Alice that I've actually taken.





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