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The tree

Tomorrow morning, at stupid-o'clock, I'm leaving for The Netherlands to spend Christmas with my friends Gerrit and Jos and their family. I have no idea what we might end up doing, but I do know that whatever it is it will be great. I've been there many times before and have always had a brilliant time. To add to the brilliant time, I'm taking a bottle of vodka I brought back from Saint Petersburg, so the party will go with a bit of a Russian zing!

I've still got my packing to do, but that's an easy, five minute, job of just bunging everything in a case and no longer worrying because, if anything isn't done by then, it's too late anyway. That's the point at which I really begin to enjoy Christmas.

Another thing I enjoy about this time of year is the tree at home. We have developed a bit of a tradition over the years. I know that most people hang baubles and tinsel on their trees, and we do as well, but we also have bits and pieces from all over the world. Whenever anyone goes away, and this extends to friends as well now, we always bring back something to hang on the Christmas tree. It really gives it an international feel to have small nick-nacks from all over the world. There are sparkly kiwis and wooden carvings from New Zealand, kangaroos from Australia, polar bears from Canada, a Maltese bus, a blue bell from Finland, clogs from The Netherlands, native American dolls from the USA and much, much more besides. Following this tradition, there are now a few things from Russia.

Here are some photos of the tree.

I bought this little Matrushka doll in Saint Petersburg

This is very special. The angel was sent to my by Monika, gaia_child , last year. The wonderful wooden painted bell was given to me by Kate, divine_scourge , when I was in Saint Petersburg. She painted it herself, which makes it even more special.

 I wish you all the most wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2009.
Take care everyone and have a wonderful time.
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