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Switzerland, part the second

As promised this is the second selection of images from my trip to Switzerland at this time last year. It is a country of amazing diversity. Of course, I happened to have, in Rebekka, the best guide I could possibly have found.

Please click on the images for bigness.

Brienzersee sunbeams

Trümmelbachfälle. This is just the last bit, the rest of the complex of falls is inside the mountain. Amazing.

Farm at Lauterbrunnen. About as textbook Swiss as it is possible to get.

Punte dei Salti. The colour of the water was incredible.

On the walk to Corippo.

Corippo. A medieval village, little changed in hundreds of years.

Roof at Schaffhausen. I loved the tiles, all different shapes but working together. Much like ourselves!

As ever please feel as free as a bird when commenting. Thank you kindly.


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