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Questions meme

Shamelessly stolen from my friend[info]yummymummy88

You are stranded on a desert island and can only take the one person. Who is it and why?
In this case I would have to say, Rebekka. There is no-one I know who would be more resourceful and practical, but who would still also be great company, fun and actually enjoy the situation.

Who is your least favourite person right now?
I can honestly say that there isn't really a least favourite person in my life. Obviously, I get on with some people better than others and may have 'issues' with some people but all play their part and all are cared for.

Who is your favourite?
I can't choose one. These people all matter a great deal to me because of the different roles they play in my life. I'm not going into details but they are;[info]ilmera - no-one could wish for a better friend, Rebekka - my soul sister, Babs - my teacher and guide; Gerrit and Jos - the best company to relax with; Hannah - whose eyes I want to open to what the world has to offer.

Describe your earliest childhood memory.
I can remember being put onto the back seat of a car in my carry-cot. I must have been very young indeed but it's such a vivid memory. I described the seats to my parents and it turns out to have been the car my father had when I was a baby, he changed it when I was about a year old. I don't know why I remember this, but I do.

What is your favourite colour and why?
Black, no, red, no, wait, yellow, no, black - I'm not sure anymore.

What starsign are you?
Aquarius - creative, positive, eccentric, loyal

What are your plans for next year?
I want to visit a couple of countries I have never been to before. I'm not sure which ones they will be but there are quite a few to choose from!

What are your ambitions?
I'm not an ambitious person and the ideas I have about goals are personal and I'll share them when I know they'll come about.

Are you a good person?
I think so, I hope so.

What country would you most like to live in?
Albania - only joking, no actually it would be New Zealand.

Describe yourself in three words.
Creative, kind, interested.

Did you have a happy childhood?
I look back on it now as being very happy, though at the time I could grizzle with the best of them.

Tell me one thing that no one else on your friends list is likely to know.
I don't like authority, I don't like uniformity and I don't do rules and plans.

Describe your children in three words. (if you don't have them, then describe your partner in three words)
I don't have any, and I don't have one of those either. But if I did they would have to be, fun, tolerant and enquiring.

When are you at your happiest?
When I'm travelling.

What do you think you were in a past life?
I don't believe in past and future lives, my logic doesn't allow me to believe that these things are possible, and my sensibilities don't allow me to believe they are desirable. I'm happy with the one I've got and that's enough.

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