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At the week-end I went to the Exmoor Falconry Centre which is in a tiny village called Allerford, near Porlock. I last went there a couple of years ago when Rebekka and Philippe came to stay. This time I went with my big lens and a desire to see what photos I could get. I came away fairly pleased with the results. I hope you agree.

Peregrine falcon

I think this was a Harris hawk

A snowy owl taking exception to something

They fly some of the birds in a small arena and it's great because you end up getting very close to some of these stunningly beautiful and amazing creatures. 
This is Buzz the buzzard enjoying his time in the spotlight.

I'm sorry this one isn't in the best of focus, but I had to post it because I loved the shape that Buzz was making with his wings.

My favourite bird of the whole day was this fabulous Barn Owl who was called Casper. Here he is just getting ready for take-off.

Again, not the clearest photo in the world, but magical nevertheless.

A Tawny Owl giving some of the people a very close-up view.

I can't remember what kind of owl this was, but I loved his expression.

This is a hybrid falcon that had just caught the lure.

Between 'shows' I had a bit of a wander around and found some other things, including these little chaps.

Then it was back to the birds and Cookie the Kookaburra.

Snowy owl

Snowy owl coming straight at you!

And finally, the European Eagle Owl landing on the perch.

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