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The view through a new lens

At the week-end I played around with my great big new lens. I'm much happier with it than with the kit lens that came with the camera; I think the colours are better and the images don't seem to be as 'flat'. The evening I got the lens I took a few photos in my room and was stunned by what it could do. from the other side of the room I got great magnification from my 'test subjects'.

Then on Saturday I went to one of my favourite spots, a nature reserve close to my home.

On Sunday I mooched around the garden, admiring the butterflies that were making themselves drunk on the windfall pears.

My clock from about five metres away.

My fantail photo from about the same distance.

Bottle of Blueberry Liqueur that Monika brought me from Finland

In the garden there's this kind of sun mobile thingy

I was really impressed with this and the detail, especially as it was hand-held.

Middlezoy from about two kilometres away.

Bulrushes, I really like the light in this picture.

A Little Egret at the nature reserve. Five years ago these birds were unknown in the UK, now we get them in the lowlands all year round. Another example of climate change in action - just try and deny that you short-sighted, business funded politicians!

Clouds over Sedgemoor

The first of three Red Admiral butterflies

It's harvest time in Mr McGregor's garden

Evening clouds

The moon, a couple of days later, again hand-held.

Evening sky

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