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Lyme Regis with people

As it's slashing it down outside and the sky is as grey as a jackdaw's back, it's a perfect time to think of a sunnier day, a happier time and much better company.

On Thursday of last week I had to spend a couple of hours at work for a very important meeting. I left Monika in the middle of Taunton, where she was happy to shop and explore, while I did my duty to the taxpayers of Somerset. When my meeting was over we met up for a well-deserved coffee (Cafe Nero you are so much better than all the rest, and you're Italian) and wandered through Vivary Park before hitting the road and heading for the coast. I thought it would be a nice idea to go to Lyme Regis and see it in all its holidaytime, daytime, playtime glory.  I was there a few weeks ago at stupid o'clock in the morning, when I had it more or less to myself, but this would be very different.

We rolled up at the car park and walked along the path down to the seafront. And this is what we saw.

My new camera really seems to do reflections extremely well. I love the reflection of the sailing boat in this picture.

Although the skies were grey some of the time it was a gorgeous afternoon to be by the sea.

The grey sky and sea with the beautiful bright sunlit buildings in between.

There was lots going on around the harbour, amusements for the kids....

....still waters for those who get a buzz out of such things....

....even if most of them were empty....

...a few people wandering out along the harbour wall...

...though not all boats were on the water.

A gentle job at any time.

As evening drew on, people drifted away. It was time for Monika to experience traditional fish and chips eaten from the paper. So we headed off to the chip shop.

At the east end of the town the coast is held in place to avoid landslips.

As it began to get dark we walked back up the hill. There was no spectacular sunset, but briefly the sun lit up the cliffs on the far side of the bay.

Next time, Monika's visits to Stonehenge and Stourhead.

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