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It can be fun being bonkers sometimes. While other people are all safely and cosily tucked up in bed on a chilly August Sunday morning, I'm in my little car whizzing off to take photos. The combination of my need to try out and get used to my new camera, my love of being somewhere that is normally busy when there isn't anyone else around and my desire to make use of the only hour of sunshine we were going to get on this particular August week-end, saw me batting down the M5, A38, A380 and minor roads to the still-sleeping little fishing town of Brixham on the south Devon coast. (I'm sorry, that was an absurdly long sentence!)

Brixham is one of those places that can be busy and quiet all at the same time. It still has a working trawler fleet and fresh fish market and is the mooring of choice for lots of people with yachts and other pleasure craft. I don't do boats, but I like the way they look sometimes. But there was hardly a soul about as I pulled into a car park at the north end of the harbour at about half past six in the morning. The sun was just making its way up over the horizon and even the seagulls were still sleepy.

I took quite a lot of photos, as you might guess, and fiddled with lots of the knobs, switches and buttons on my camera in an effort to work out what they actually do. I'm not sure I'm any the wiser, but I'll get used to it, I promise. 

Here's some of what I did.

These were all taken at the outer part of the harbour. 

Gorgeous sky

A coaster moored up against the fish quay

Looking across the inner harbour

The town from the fish quay. I've lightened the picture because it was quite dark (still not used to the controls.) Accidentally, I've turned this into a 1960s post card!

The sky through the rigging of the replica Golden Hind

This is the Golden Hind, a replica of the ship that Sir Francis Drake (who is bizarrely revered in this country while the rest of the world sees him as the pirate he undoubtedly was) first circumnavigated the globe in the late 1570s.

The colourful town snuggling around the inner harbour.

I love the reflections.

Masts and sky

A couple of boats going out for an early morning spin around Torbay

Along the outer harbour wall

The town and marina from the harbour wall

Fishing from a boat in the shelter of the old trawler wharf

This is my favourite photo from the day. It looks like the boat is about to nudge the fisherman off of the wall and into the sea. 

I was really surprised to see this grey seal swimming inside the harbour

Finally, the colourful houses of Brixham, stacked up on the side of the hill.
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