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First photos

Here's a selection of my first photos taken with my new camera. I had a bit of a drive around on Saturday afternoon, we had some relatives staying and they wanted to see something of The Levels. Ironically the best way to see the lowlands is from one or two of the higher places. First we went to Burrow Mump, where I pressed the shutter in anger for the first time.

This is IMG_0001 the very first picture I took with the camera.

It seems to do clouds very well, giving a good depth of field so that the clouds in the middle distance look further away rather than just in a different place.

This is my favourite picture so far. I've no idea who the girl is but she was just in the right place at the right time.

More clouds. I need to work out how to get the foreground lighter.

The doorway of North Curry church

The ceiling of the porch.

Strange clouds beyond the church tower.

More clouds, this time from Turn Hill

And finally a couple of portraits of Buster.

Marks out of ten, please. I can take it!
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