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Well, I've finally done it. I'm taking a step outside my comfort zone and going off on a little adventure. Yesterday I booked my flights for my next holiday. For a while now, I've felt the urge to go somewhere different, to push my boundaries a little, and that's what's going to happen.

On 25 September I will be heading to Saint Petersburg for a long week-end. Part of me would like it to be longer than six days, but I think any longer than that in any city would screw my brain up. Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city and I have wanted to go there for a long time. Now it's going to happen. I imagine it being a photographer's dream, gorgeous buildings, beautiful colours, wonderful parks, stunning vistas and enough hustle and bustle to stir the soul. I'm looking forward to all that.

But the most important thing for me about visiting Saint Petersburg is that I will get the chance to finally meet the wonderful ilmera and her gorgeous daughter, Alice. That meeting will mean so much to me. We have corresponded and 'known' each other for more than five years now but this will be our first meeting. Our first chance to hug each other. We have spoken on the phone but that's just not the same as sharing a coffee, a meal, a long conversation, a stroll, a hug, and perhaps a few tears.

There is lots to do before I leave, like booking accommodation (I've found a couple of backpackers hostels right in the middle of the city), getting my letter of accreditation sorted and my visa, but when that's done I will feel that I am really going on my adventure to meet a wonderful friend. I have to get presents (what can I bring you, dear?)

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