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The demure side of the English seaside town

On Saturday I was up and off early again. This time I went to Budleigh Salterton in Devon. This is becoming a habit, I was there before six thirty! The very name, Budleigh Salterton, conjours up images of stuffy retired colonels, arm in arm with their wattle necked matronly wives, walking slowly along the seafront glaring at anyone who might actually be enjoying themselves. The very name smacks of predictable Englishness-by-the-Sea. 

Actually, it's a very nice place, or at least it is before eight o'clock in the morning; before the retired colonels have dusted off the toast crumbs from their regimental ties and crisply ironed starched shirts. Budleigh Salterton is, on the whole, a delightful back-water, paradoxically far enough off the beaten holiday track to be difficult to find while still being fairly easy to get to. 

The town sits at the mouth of the River Otter and protects it with a huge shingle bank that it has to crawl round the edge of to make its way to the sea. Here's more about Budleigh Salterton.

And here's how it looked to me on an average Saturday morning.

I loved this beach 'sculpture' that someone had made from the different coloured pebbles on the beach.

Crab pots on the beach

Morning sunlight on the distinctive red cliffs that this stretch of coastline is famous for.

Dark skies looming 

These fishermen were there before me.

The River Otter

Another bench looking out to sea.

Between the beach huts

I loved this. Perhaps this is where Superman comes on holiday; other people change in the beach huts and he uses the telephone box. 

I was stunned to see that this little boat was called 'Tuatara'. My Kiwi friends will know that a tuatara is an ancient lizard-like creature only found in New Zealand.

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