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Lyme Regis

I was up bright and early on Saturday morning. On a whim I decided to go to Lyme Regis, about an hour's drive away on the south coast. I got there just after half past six - I told you it was bright and early! And I got it right, too. It was everything I expected. A lot of rain was due for most of the day and I was lucky enough to get there in that early morning light, the sort of sunlight you get before it rains. This meant that to the east it was almost stripped of all colour while to the west the colours were bright and vivid and perfect for what I was after. I wanted to take some arty seaside photos with no-one else around and I hope that's what I came away with.

Lyme is an interesting place anyway; a small seaside town nestling in a bay, almost defying both the sea and the land and not quite being part of either. It's a typical little resort with old world charm and seaside tackiness but not overblown with either. The section of coast that it sits on is very special; it's known as the Jurassic Coast because of the fossils that are found there and, of course, the period that the rocks come from. Here's more information about Lyme Regis.

Not only did I get perfect light, I was also lucky enough to have caught the tide just right and with just the right amount of wind behind it to have waves crashing over the harbour wall every now and then. 

Before I get on to the photos, I would just like to say that I have taken the colour out of a couple of them to add a bit of drama, but have not done anything else to any of them. The vivid colours are all real.

They have these wonderful ammonite shaped streetlights

A delightful row of pastel coloured beach huts. Beach huts are a traditional seaside sight. People hire them to change in during their holiday. In some places people own their hut and they can change hands for stupid amounts of money, it's more about where they are than what they are.

A seagull asleep

The wider shot

A gentle reminder of the traditional British seaside holiday.

The harbour

A brave soul near the harbour wall

A wave coming over

And another

These steps up onto the harbour wall are just stones sticking ouit of the wall. And that has to be the largest Guinness I've ever seen.

These guys having their early morning training run were just mad.

Looking in the other direction it was like it was a different day.
Mallow in front of more beach huts.

Here you can see the divide in the sky

One of the steep roads in the town.

This amused me. If you make it bigger you will see that the tyrannasaurus rex is holding a drinks carton.

Another feature of the traditional British seaside resort, stacks of deck chairs. As a side issue, I no longer have any respect for the teaching profession in this country. If they can't teach people to use simple apostrophes properly they are not worthy of respect. It's important and infuriating when people don't get it right. It's so simple, people!

I love signs like this

A strange part of the sea wall at the eastern end of the town.

The dark skies were beginning to fill in but the sun was still fighting its corner.

The main street. Just a few seconds after I took this photo the heavens opened and both the window cleaner and me got absolutely soaked. I ran back to my car and saw that it was still only eight o'clock. I couldn't go home quite yet, so I drove round the coast to Charmouth - photos later in the week.
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