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Lacock Abbey

After Prior Park in Bath I went on to the little village of Lacock in Wiltshire. Lacock gets used in a lot of films and television dramas because of its quaintness and Olde Worlde feel. I'll post just a few photos of the village later, but my main reason for going there was to visit Lacock Abbey. Since I have been taking photography seriously I have wanted to visit Lacock Abbey because it has a special place in the history of photography. Although it was originally an Augustinian nunnery, it was later converted to a house and was the home of William Fox Talbot who experimented with and invented the process of negative/positive photography in the 1830s. You can find out more about Lacock Abbey here

More of that later, first of all I called in at the kitchen gardens on the way to the house.

I loved this sunny, summery little flower border.

I thought this little set-up was gorgeous; the lopsided window and the climbing rose

The doorway through to the old cloisters.

You might recognise these cloisters because they have been used in some quite popular films.

This is where Harry wins Dibby his freedom by tricking Lucius Malfoy into giving him a sock.

I just love doorways like this. What's in there?

And this is just about the most famous and most important window in the history of photography. The window, taken from the inside (which I wasn't allowed to do) was the subject of William Fox Talbot's first successful photograph.

These are copies of his negative and eventual positive images of the window, the first photographs as we would recognise them today. This image was taken in the summer of 1835.

Another intriguing doorway, this time blocked up.

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