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Through the kitchen window

I took these photos through the kitchen window at the week-end. I know he's cute; he's certainly brazen and he's stealing the nuts and seeds put out for the birds. He is an interloper, he doesn't belong here and he's done a lot of damage over the years. This is an American grey squirrel. When I was growing up, you hardly ever saw them. We had red squirrels then with cute faces, tufty ears and big, bushy tails. In the years that have followed, these little grey monsters have taken over; red squirrels are virtually extinct in England now, and only cling on in a few secret places. It's sad, red squirrels were a symbol of wholesome woodland life, enshrined in folklore and folk tales, now we have these things - yes, I know they look cute but their introduction has changed the English countryside forever. 

'I'll just pretend I'm smelling these flowers - but I'll still keep my beady eye on you!'
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