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This is just a brief entry to fill you in on yesterday's awards ceremony. Thank you all for your good wishes in the post I made last week saying that I had been shortlisted for an award.

It turned out that I was up for the Customer Focus Award. There were five teams shortlisted for each award, with two winners in each category. I, or should I say my team, came third and was awarded a Highly Commended Certificate. I hadn't expected to come even close to winning anything so I was really chuffed to be thought of so highly. In addition to the certificate, now already up on the wall by my desk, I was given a box of Thornton's chocolates to 'share with the members of my team who didn't get to go to the ceremony'. As I'm a team of one person, I see that as a win-win situation!

The whole event was really good. The lunch was great, lots of it and really good food. No-one went hungry. The ceremony itself was very human, funny and thoroughly enjoyable. The Corporate Director, who I am allowed to call Miriam, is a real people-person and her touch came across really strongly through the whole thing. I expected the possibility of it being quite stuffy and serious but it wasn't and in her closing remarks she said that we were 'all cool and just fab!' I'm happy to settle for that. 

So, even though I didn't win, it was a great occasion and I'm delighted to have been a part of it. I think everyone walked away at the end feeling just a little taller, and that goes a long way.

Tomorrow I will post some photos I took at the week-end, I haven't had a chance to sort them out yet, but I hope to tonight.
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