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Bury Castle

When I was at Selworthy I went for a bit of a walk. I was wandering around trying to find a random pathway to follow, just to see where it would take me when I saw a small pointer sign for Bury Castle. I had never heard of Bury Castle, so decided to follow the path that the sign was pointing along and see what was there. Up and up the path went, zigzagging up through a wood. I kept asking myself why all the paths to interesting places go up. I remembered that, when I was in New Zealand, Nelson to be precise, I followed some signs that said, 'To the Centre of New Zealand'. The path went up and the centre of New Zealand was right on the top of a hill. There were great views, of course, but I'm just puzzled by what perversity goes into deciding that the top of a hill is the place to be. So many interesting sites, and sights, are at the top of a hill. Sorry, I'll stop going on about it. 

Eventually, the path broke out into a meadow beyond the trees. And that was more or less it, Bury Castle. I could see the earthworks and make out the ditches. Bury Castle is an Iron Age hill fort that I didn't know about. 

Here are some photos I took along the way and while I was up there. Unfortunately, clouds came along and blocked out the sun for the time I was up there, so the photos are a bit dull, but I'm sure you'll get the impression of what it was like.

On a rocky bank close to the path.

The meadow was carpetted with large patches of tiny blue, white and yellow flowers. (Well, actually, blue flowers, white flowers and yellow flowers!) I've no idea what they were, apart from soft and delightful.

The defensive ditch, with gorse and foxgloves.


More ditch and view

Many more foxgloves

And more little blue flowers.
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