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More photos of flowers

I didn't get anything like as much done at the week-end as I wanted. In fact it was a lazy one. But I did go out into the fields near my home and take some pictures of spring wild flowers and also had a bit of a mooch around the garden taking more photos of what I could find there. So, some in rain and some in glorious sunshine, here are some photos.

Unusual shaped, raggedy tulip from above.

A sedge out in flower out on the wetlands. That's why it's called Sedgemoor.

Dandelions have exploded all over the place....

....though some are 'running out of time.'

One of my favourite wild flowers is the humble cowslip. Such gorgeous colours in the sunshine.

Speedwell, a splash of delicate pale blue in the floor of the hedgerows.

The copper maple tree in the garden, backlit by the low, spring, evening sun.

And from the other side.

The ginko tree just beginning to sprout leaves. 

A stripey tulip

A peaceful spring evening scene in the English countryside

An apple tree in full blossom

And a close up of that apple blossom.

More stripey tulips late in the evening

I don't know what this shrub is but it produces two totally different looking flowers on the same stem. You have the flat white ones around the outside of the sprig, and then the small, five-petalled ones on the inside. Weird.

Finally, the sun going down last night.
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