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Songs in another voice

I have to admit, I have shamelessly stolen this from Meg solitudeofheart 

Name some of your favourite artists that sing in a language other than English.
Don't forget to also note the language the artists sing in when commenting and tell me a little about what they do.

Wherever I travel, I like to check out local music and find out what's good in that country. These are some of the artists I like who don't sing in English.

Annett Louisan - German - an incredible and unique voice.
Christina Sturmer - German (Austrian) - an okay singer with some good material.
Züri West - Swiss German - good pop band, all the better for singing in Swiss German
Die Toten Hosen - German - I've always loved punk and I love hearing German used for punk songs.
Twarres - Fries - Most of their songs are in English, but the stand out song that broke them on the Dutch charts was sung in the native language of Friesland, 'Wêr Bisto' .
Bløf - Dutch - Dutch pop duo with some good songs.
Nasty - Dutch - Dutch RnB singer, sounding a bit like the British band All Saints. I love 'Een moment zonder jou'.
Noir Desire - French - I don't think they're together any more but a great French rock band.
Jacques Brell - French - superb songwriter from the fifties and sixties, an influence to so many people ever since.
Tiki Taane - Maori - Tiki sings mostly in English but does a few songs in his traditional first language. He's a great performer of dub and reggae and Pacific dub. He used to be the front man of my favourite Kiwi band, Salmonella Dub.
Capercaillie - Scots Gaelic - beautiful songs, fabulous melodies, continuing a great Celtic tradition.
Runrig - Scots Gaelic - a rocky twist on traditional Celtic musical forms.

There are more, but I've sort of run out for the moment.
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