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A post about using the post

I've just come back from the little local post office that is near to County Hall. It's really convenient not having to go into the one in the town centre and then queue for about half an hour before being served. It is so logical to have little local post offices to compliment and take the pressure off the main offices. It really works and, being next to County Hall, this one gets used an awful lot.

This is probably why, in their infinite wisdom, the powers that be have decided to close it. We can't have people happy with something that provides a great service and that gets used a lot, that would never do. It is to my eternal regret and embarrassment that the chap who runs the Royal Mail happens to be called Adam Crozier!

Anyway. Today I posted the following parcels:

I managed, thanks to Amazon finally coming up with the DVD I ordered ages ago, to get my Kiwi mate Bob's birthday present off to him. I feel very guilty because his birthday was at the end of March, but there was something I specifically wanted to send and I ended up having to wait for it. I hope he doesn't mind too much.

thumbelinda 's twenty-first birthday present is now on its way to Australia. Again, I hope it arrives on time.

I have also sent another package to my wonderful friend ilmera. There is a gift for her daughter Alice, and some stuff for her as well. I hope she likes it all.
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