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Flowers in the rain

The weather here over the past few days has been more like what we would expect, April showers. April showers are weird; sunny days, dark skies where the storm clouds gather, sudden bursts of heavy rain usually while the sun is still shining, equally as suddenly the rain stops, the sun's warmth makes the roads and pavements steam. But it's all a sign that things are where they should be and that spring is moving on apace. 

On Monday evening we had some rain, a classic April shower. I took this photo through my bedroom window because I couldn't believe how heavily it was raining. 

Now, I know that here in the UK we haven't got the first idea about what heavy rain is. I've spent some time in West Africa; I've seen rain there that would rock your socks off. But for us, this was heavy rain.

After the sudden downpour just as suddenly stopped I went out into the garden and took a few photos of the wet flowers.

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