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Lake Vyrnwy Sculpture Park

At the base of the dam at Lake Vyrnwy there is a fabulous sculpture park. It's only been there for a few years and is still growing. It exhibits the work of local and overseas artists in a wonderfully picturesque and natural setting. There is work there from many eastern European artists, from Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. I don't remember the names of the artists, or even many of the names of the pieces, come to that, but I was bowled over by the quality of the works. 

Here is a selection of my favourites.

I know that this one was called 'Discus'.

The base of another moss-covered tree - natural art.

Protecting the Stones

The Cage

A Place for Tea

The Feather - this was my favourite

The Ark of Llanwddyn - this is very poignant because the ark carries representations of the buildings from Llanwddyn, the village that was 'drowned' in the creation of the lake. 

Not one of the sculptures, but the outflow of the dam, and incredibly beautiful nonetheless.

Earth Mother by a Russian artist

And this is the sculpture park from the top of the dam.

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