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Lake Vyrnwy

On Saturday we went to Lake Vyrnwy. It's a reservoir that was built in the 1880s to provide fresh water for the city of Liverpool. There is a village at the bottom of the lake which you can still see the ruins of when the water level is very low. It wasn't very low when I was there so I didn't see it! The flooded valley is now a popular tourist attraction and there is a road that goes right around the perimeter of the lake. Sadly, Saturday was dull and overcast but I hope that the beauty of the place still comes across.

This is a straining tower which filters the water as it is drawn out of the lake. I love that they made it look like a Gothic castle.

Looking across the lake through the trees.

The tower from across the lake.

My favourite photo of the day, I just loved the shape of this branch.

The dam with daffodils. Spring is definitely later in North Wales than it is here in Somerset.

The road over the dam. To me the architecture of the dam looks like Imperial Chinese.

Next, the wonderful Sculpture Park at the base of the dam.
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