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Tintern Abbey - ulation

First of all, a big, big thank you to all of you who wished me well for my week-end trip. My knee held up, it didn't rain as much as expected and I went to almost all the places I had planned to. The only place that missed out was the waterfall. It was coming on to rain when we were planning to go there, so we decided to save that one for another time. So, thanks again for all your kind wishes and support, twas a good week-end. 

We set off early on Friday morning. To go up the Wye valley we had to go over the 'old' Severn Bridge, rather than the new, Second Severn Crossing, that I am used to. It's strange, the original Severn Bridge was only opened in 1968 and it was 'state of the art' at the time but it seems ancient now and hardly worth the toll. I did have a quick stop off at the old Aust services to take a couple of photos.

Sadly, as you can see, it was a very misty, cloudy day. It was also very cold out on the promentory where I took these photos.

From the bridge it was a short run up the valley to Tintern Abbey. The abbey nestles in the floor of the valley right next to the River Wye. The river, here, forms the border between Wales and England and the abbey sits on the Welsh side.

No parking, or Dim parcio, has always amused me for some reason and this was a twist on that.

I love the way Welsh looks!
Anyway, on to the abbey.

Unfortunately, there was some restoration work going on, I think there always is, and it was difficult to take photos that didn't have scaffolding and green tarpaulins in, but I did my best.

Getting there early meant that I had the whole place to myself and it was only as I was leaving that the first coach with a school party was rolling in.

It's huge and imposing now, so I can only imagine what it must have been like five hundred years ago when it was in its prime and complete.

I was fascinated by this strange, asymmetrical window

I loved these doorways, all of different heights.

So that was Tintern Abbey. Next will be Lake Vyrnwy.
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