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It's been a fairly uneventful time recently in blur-kiwi-land. For some reason the weather seems to have formed a pattern which is frustating my creative urges. During the week, when I am at work, I look out of the window and see gorgeous sunshine, spring nudging everything into life and me sitting in front of a computer being rude about the grammar of others. I see missed opportunities to document the world coming back to life and feel restricted by the need to earn a meagre living. Then comes the week-end.

I'm lucky in that my week-ends are of varying length. Sometimes I have crammed enough working hours into my week to be able to take Friday off and give myself a three-day week-end. That's a good thing. At least, it's a good thing if the weather gods realise its importance to me. They rarely do. For some reason the week-end that follows a gloriously sunny week always seems to be wet and miserable. Wet and miserable doesn't stop me taking photos, but it stops me taking the photos I want to take. 

This coming (three-day) week-end I am taking my mother to visit my aunt in Welshpool. Welshpool is a town on the Welsh side of the border around about the area that north Wales begins. It's a lovely area and I have never been there with my camera in hand so I have lots of plans, lots of things I want to look at and no illusions about the likely weather. All the forecasts I have seen point to it being dismal, dank and depressing. Alliteration aside, it's likely to be raining all the time we're there. I will do my best.

I have managed to take some photos over the past few days and, to cheer me up a bit, I would like to share them.

Last week, a sunset with cows.

Standing by the banks of the canal I saw this float by, 'Sold down the river?'

It had been sunny, this black car had got all warm and cosy and this cat was making the most of it.

On Saturday I just had to get out even though there was wave after wave of showers. My aimless meanderings through country lanes and byways brought me to a village that I have a tenuous family connection with that I hadn't visited for a very long time. My grandparents used to keep the pub at Curry Mallet, the Bell Inn, and my grandfather actually died there. I post this for all my friends who have a fascination for odd place names. 

Meanwhile, the sky was doing this!

At a local nature reserve I was delighted to see English bluebells coming out. It won't be long now until they carpet the floors of some of the local woodlands.

A dramatic sky.
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