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Not far from Nunney is the village of Mells. I really wanted to find a road sign that had a finger pointing to Mells in one direction and Wells in another, but sadly, I didn't see one. Mells is a quaint but well-to-do little place with lots of stone cottages and a few very large pads indeed. Slightly bizarrely, my main reason for going to Mells was to visit the graveyard that surrounds the church. Rather than explain that now, it will become apparent later.

But first, to prove that Mells exists, here's a sign saying that it exists.

A row of cottages in the main street. It was really hard to take photos that didn't have loads of great big, horrid, shiny cars obscuring the cottages, and this was about the best I could manage. 

This is the grave stone of Maurice and Violet Bonham-Carter. Violet was the daughter of Herbert Asquith, British Prime Minister at the start of the first world war, and was quite a formidible lady by all accounts. This couple are also the grandparents of the actress Helena Bonham-Carter. 
There is much more information here.,_Baroness_Asquith_of_Yarnbury

The stone peeping out from the right hand side of the Bonham-Carter's stone is this one.

Siegfried Sassoon was a war poet and one of the most accomplished English writers of the twentieth century. Although he fought, and was decorated, in the war he became a pacifist and only just escaped imprisonment for his views.
Again, there is more information here. 

So, Mells churchyard has some really interesting people in it. Of course, they aren't as interesting now as they were when they were alive, but, well, you know what I mean!

In literary mode, this is my photographic 'elegy to a country churchyard'.

And finally. Stopped at a red traffic light with no other vehicles in sight.
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