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Nunney Castle on a sunny spring day

Yesterday I wasn't on LJ. I hope I was missed! I wasn't working in my usual office. For a change I was let off the leash a little and went to one of our area offices in Frome, a town on the eastern side of the county of Somerset. I enjoy getting out and actually meeting some of the people I exchange emails and phone calls with from time to time. I don't mind working in the office I do, but it's nice to escape once in a while.

Anyway, when I was arranging the visit my boss expressly forbade me from coming back and fighting my way into Taunton after I had finished my meetings, and she suggested that I stay in the Frome area and take photos in some of the interesting villages around there instead. I'm not one to argue with my boss, so I took my camera along.

This meant that, early in the afternoon, I rolled up at Nunney to take some more photos of my favourite Somerset castle. Now, castles in this area are not the huge bastions of power and domination that you can see in other parts of the country. Nunney Castle is not somewhere you go if you fancy a long walk along cliff-tops with a gale blowing in from the North Sea, like Dunstanburgh in Northumberland, for instance. It's not somewhere you'd go if you wanted to see wave upon wave of medieval finery; it's small, cute and pretty much just a ruined shell.

The castle at Nunney dates back to the fourteenth century and is, slightly bizarrely, of a traditional French design. I always thought that the French and the English spent most of the Middle Ages trying to beat the crap out of each other, but apparently we also did 'Location, Location, Location' lifestyle swaps from time to time as well. 'Escape to the Country', in fact, escape to another country, and take your castles with you!

I did post some photos of Nunney Castle in this journal about eighteen months ago, but I have no shame in doing so again. These are my photos from yesterday.    

Okay, I lied - three ducks!

Next time - Mells
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