Paul - who brings friendly nonsense (blur_kiwi) wrote,
Paul - who brings friendly nonsense

Happy Birthday ilmera

The fifteenth of March may not have been a great day for Julius Caesar but for me it's a day I am happy to celebrate. Today is the birthday of a remarkable person. I've sung her praises here many times but she is worthy of such praise and more besides. My friend Julia is great, incredible, warm, loving, inspirational, intelligent and, well, just remarkable! Happy Birthday, dear, I am so proud to be your friend and will never tire of telling just how much you mean to me.

On the wall by the desk that I work at in my room, I have some photos of people I admire. When I'm writing I often look to these people for inspiration. And I usually get it. Here is a picture of this group of people.

In no particular order they are:
Beth Orton - a great singer and someone whose music can send me on huge emotional journeys.
Tori Amos - probably the best songwriter of her generation.
Emma Lazarus - an inspirational nineteenth century American Jewish poet who died so young.
Julia - who fits well with these incredible women and who gives me so much support in so many ways.

Happy Birthday, dear, I wish you happiness, health, fulfilment and all the things you wish yourself. I wish I could be with you today especially to share your celebrations. Happy Birthday, dear friend.
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