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Strange things that have happened while I was buying my sandwiches, number 174

Strange things that have happened while I was buying my sandwiches, number 174.

Today, as usual, I went across to Boots to get my sandwiches for lunch. While I was queueing to pay I saw a magazine that I decided to buy. Normally, in the racks next to the tills, there are just magazines about the absurd cult of celebrity. Vacuous, untalented, inconsequential people stare out from the covers and the strap lines usually profess their shock at what someone else has done; or their latest beauty gaffe; or whether they are too thin or too fat or whatever the fashion for it is this week; or that they have fallen out with some other vacuous, untalented, inconsequential person. I don't care, even a little, about any of those things. I don't care about those people and I certainly don't care about what they think, if they think. 

Anyway, I saw, amongst all this meaningless dross, a travel magazine which had a feature on New Zealand, so I decided to buy it. This, along with the cost of my sandwiches took me into the realms of valued customer as far as Boots the Chemist is concerned and I was given a freebie. In fact I was given a voucher. Anyone who knows me will know just how much I will value a £2 voucher for hair care products!
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