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Carrying on with my random selections from my interests list, my ever faithful mouse landed on 'sunsets'. I think that most people like sunsets; there is something compelling about them. Every sunset is different and every landscape has the potential to be a great foreground for a sunset to happen behind. I have taken and posted lots of sunset photos and I've decided to randomly go through my scrapbook and pluck out some of my favourites. 

So, here's one to tempt you in and the rest are behind the cut.

The sun going down at Kilve Beach, one of my very favourite places.

Sunset at Owaka in the very south of New Zealand

Mount Roy and Lake Wanaka in the foreground

Also at Lake Wanaka in New Zealand

From the field next to my home

Burrow Mump at sunset

Again, these next few are from near my home

This was taken on the Quantock Hills

And finally, a dog rose on Windmill Hill near Middlezoy in Somerset.
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