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Reporting in

Well, I went to the doctor's yesterday morning and saw the nurse practitioner. And what a waste of bloody time that turned out to be! Yes, she confirmed what I was pretty certain about anyway, that I have laryngitis. No, there was nothing that could be done about it, I would just have to let it take its course and my voice will recover. And it could take a further two or three weeks.
With that sorted out, then came the health fascism - well, while you are here I'd better check this, prod that, look at this, test that.
But I don't want any of those things done, I just want my voice back.
Okay, well your blood pressure is a little high, nothing to worry about but I'd like you to come back next week and I'll check it again.
But I don't want to.
It's for your own good you know.
I'm sure that's what the Nazis told the people when they started.

To me, it's all just part of the ludicrous system we have here where surgeries and practices get funding based on the numbers of people who go through their hands. The more times they get me to go back against my will, the more money they get from the government. Next will come, the more things they can prescribe for me, the better the kick-back they get from the drug companies. Ironically, I didn't get prescribed anything for my voice. I bloody hate going to the doctor's and now I know why!

Pictures from the week-end to follow shortly.

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