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From much closer to home

Detail of the rocks at Kilve Beach

More rocks at Kilve Beach

Rock Strata at Kilve Beach

Rock Strata, Kilve Beach

Rock Strata at Sunset, Kilve Beach

Rebekka enjoys the sunset at Kilve Beach

I thought I would post some images taken at Kilve Beach, not far from where I live. It is an intriguing place with exposed rock strata and loads of fossils. If anyone remembers the Bryan Adams song, "Everything I do, I do it for you", this beach is where the video was shot. Despite that, it is still a special place for me and I just adore being there. It is a rugged but soft kind of place. The evening is the best time from the point of view of the light, but the main consideration is the tide. This stretch of coast has the third highest tidal reach in the world, and the high tide brings the water right up to the cliffs. But at low tide, it is just amazing.

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