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A week-end in Somerset

Last week-end

jackiesjottingscame to stay. I hope she enjoyed being dragged around on a whirlwind tour of the area. 

These are my favourite photos from Saturday. It was a glorious day with lots of sunshine, and for February not that cold. It's much easier to wrap up warm and enjoy a cold day than to try and stay cool on a hot one. It was one of those kind of days. Although we visited lots of places I wasn't too happy with a lot of the photos I took. I've never seen myself as a perfectionist, far from it in fact, but of late the expectations of my photography have grown and I have become much more selective. I don't want to post bad, or even indifferent photos here so these are the ones I've chosen. 

The daffodils are out in the gardens, quite early this year.


Spring and autumn all in one photo, beech hedge behind '...a host of golden daffodils.'

The sun going down, seen from Walton Hill

Near to where I live there is a wild wetland area of reeds beds and marshes. Starlings from all over the region congregate there to roost for the night. They fly in from all directions just before dusk and disappear into the reed beds. There are, literally, millions of them roosting there. Once they have arrived in clouds with a great swishing of wings, they greet each other and the noise is incredible.

Standing on Walton Hill watching the sun go down, there was wave upon wave of starlings, flying low, heading for the reed beds. The contrast they made in the sky against the setting sun was delightful. You may need to click on the photo a couple of times to make it big enough to get the full effect.


The final moments of the sun going down, through a hawthorn bush


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